Beeston Castle

Imagine this hilltop about 1000BC. No castle of course, but the hilltop was occupied and fortified.

The hike up to the castle looked a very dauting prospect from here. Luckily we could get part of the way by car.

It was a lovely day and not too warm, so off we went…

Still a way to go….

Almost there…

Once inside the ruins, the views were spectacular. We were 350 feet above the Cheshire Plain. The climb was worth it.

Walking down by a different path we came across a reconstruction of a roundhouse, several of which would have occupied the site around 800 BC, the beginnings of an iron age hillfort. Construction of the medieval castle began in 1220 AD by the Earl of Chester.

The roundhouse is bigger than it looks and could have housed up to twelve adults and children, all living and working in the one roundhouse.

Archaeological excavations undertaken at Beeston Castle during the 1970s and 80s uncovered evidence of several Bronze Age roundhouses inside the castle walls. Based on the findings, the roundhouse was reconstructed in a disused quarry from traditional local materials such as oak, hazel, ash and reeds for the thatch.

Back down by the entrance were a series of caves which are closed to the public.

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