This Morning’s Walk #Nature #Horses #Donkeys #Flowers #Photography

I decided on the circular route this morning, taking us down the path away from the coast

The hawthorn hedges were a picture, full of buds and flowers

The path leads us onto a quiet back road, up a hill and past a paddock with horses


    1. Thanks, Hugh. If there’s an upside to where we find ourselves at the moment it’s the peace and quiet and lack of traffic. Yes, the donkeys seem very happy. They all make for the gate to see if there are any treats 🙂

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      1. I agree, Cathy. The walks we’re having are so pleasant. Apart from the odd oddball, it’s been lovely to get some even fresher air because of the lack of traffic.
        Enjoy those walks before all the people come back.

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  1. Gorgeous photos and a gorgeous area you live in. I admit I’m enjoying the tranquility in Cornwall at the moment, it will be a bit of a shock when things start opening up and our peace is shattered, so I’m making the most of it while I can xx

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  2. What a glorious walk Cathy and the donkeys look adorable! 😍 It’s a real blessing to live in such a peaceful area 💚 Enjoy the rest of your day and much love to you and Finn from all of us here 🤗💖🐕 xxx

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