Goldfinches in the Sunshine #GardenBirds #Nature #Photography

There are lots of goldfinches about this year and they seem to like spending time at the very top of the conifer tree in the garden of a house at the back of ours.

Am I getting the what are you doing look…

Goldfinch in a tree

Can you just make out the little insect that might be meeting its end very soon


  1. Or maybe they were under the influence of too much nectar 🙂 Seems to be more birds around the last few months or perhaps it was quieter, and we could hear them more clearly. Lovely photos, Cathy, and look at that blue sky.

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    1. The weather here has been mostly gorgeous since we’ve been in lockdown, which has helped. There do seem to be lots of birds around and we have blue tits and robins nesting in the garden which is lovely. Seems strange to think you’re going into winter.


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