Bird weekly ~ Photo Challenge ~ Birds with Yellow Feathers #Nature #Birds #Photography

For week 2 of Lisa Coleman’s Bird Weekly challenge I’m featuring the blue tit. The most common garden visitor here with yellow feathers. All but this first photo were taken in my garden.

We had a nesting pair again this year and they successfully raised their brood.

Hunting for tasty treats, maybe

No sooner in than he’s off again

No wonder he’s looking a bit harassed


  1. What a beautiful bird. It would be a lifer for me. Wonderful photos and the amount of energy it takes to feed a brood is incredible for all bird species. Great choice this week. Thank you for sharing a bird I’ve never seen. 😊

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      1. That’s so funny to me because I think the most exotic bird I’ve seen in the US is the Nanday Parakeet that we just got in January when we went to St. Petersburg, Florida. It was our bird of the day. 😊

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      2. I think it is that way for everyone, Cathy. I see all kinds of interesting “exotic” birds on Instagram all over the world and just keep thinking, “maybe someday I’ll get to see that!” 😊


  2. These are fabulous photos, Cathy. You must have a lot of patience to get so many close-ups of them. We don’t have blue tits where I live, but we have gorgeous goldfinches that grace our feeders with their beautiful yellow and black (males) coats. The females are more of the dreary brown variety. Nonetheless, they are just as entertaining to watch as the males.

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    1. Thanks, Michelle. It does get very frustrating sometimes when they’re too quick or move at the wrong time but I was lucky with these. The goldfinches are lovely too.

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