#SundayStills ~ What does Freedom mean to you? #Landscape #Nature #Pets #Wildlife

Welcome to the Sunday Stills feature created and hosted by Terri Webster Schrandt at Second Wind Leisure Perspectives

This week’s theme is Freedom.

At the moment, freedom to me would mean getting out and about and going wherever I please. Won’t be possible for a while.

Freedom of the skies

A herd of Kashmiri goats are free to roam on the Great Orme

During lockdown they took advantage of the lack of people in town and decided to pay several visits en masse.

Finn loves being free to run off lead, especially on the beach.

And I love being free to spend time in this place without a voice following me around saying ‘haven’t you got enough books!’

Barter Books is a fantasic second hand bookshop housed in what used to be a railway station, with many, many shelves of all kinds of books, real fires, a cafe and seating areas scattered around. I really hope they can keep trading.


  1. Your images of freedom are beautiful, Cathy! Love the eagle! Humans have a natural urge for wanderlust and exploration. I had seen those goats and other images of animals taking back their urban centers proving that Mother Nature is the master of Earth’s freedoms and will have her way!

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  2. Beautiful images Cathy and I loved seeing the goats enjoying themselves! 😁🐐 We’re looking forward to being able to roam again soon and I too hope the lovely bookshop will survive. Enjoy the rest of your day and much love to you from our house to yours 🤗💖🐕 xxx

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  3. Lovel photos, as always, Cathy. I would love to have the freedom to roam, but until we get through this pandemic, I will remain at home. That’s not likely to happen very soon due to the lack of leadership at the top. I can’t wait until November when we have our elections. The polls are tipping heavily toward a new leader. Please pray that is so. Love and hugs.

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    1. Thanks, Michelle. Same here, we’re not going very far from home. I’ll keep everything crossed for November, surely it’s registered with the bulk of the those that voted for the present leader by now. 💞

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      1. One would hope, but I see his loyal followers crowded in with no masks or social distancing to hear him turn every speech into a nonsensical political op.

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