Lens-Artist Weekly #PhotoChallenge #108 ~ Sanctuary #Nature #Photography #LensArtist

Lens Artist Weekly is guest hosted by Xenia Tran from Whippet Wisdom and Tranature, with the theme of sanctuary. 

A sanctuary is a place of refuge, for people and animals. For me it means a place to feel comfortable, peaceful and safe. Especially appropriate at the moment. 

Spending time in nature brings a sense of calm, healing and peacefulness. 

Watching the birds and insects, listening to the sounds of nature 

 A favourite place to curl up and read

Being on a deserted beach with the sound of the ocean. All these things instill feelings of tranquility, renewal and peace.


  1. Gorgeous photographs Cathy! 🧡 I love the wooden bench, the forest, the robin, the bumblebee, the books and the beach – all of them share a beautiful and peaceful energy. Thank you so much for sharing your sanctuary with us here and enjoy the rest of your day 🤗💖🐕 xxx


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