#SundayStills ~ All Things Orange #Photography #Flower #Lifeboat #Family

Hugh from Hugh’s Views and News is hosting Sunday Stills for Terri Webster Schrandt for a couple of weeks while she’s on a blogging break and his choice of subject this week is orange. 

This small clip was part of a coastguard demonstration involving the lifeboat along with the helicopter

My grandson seems fascinated with his orange cup

Fast forward a few years and we’re into face painting…

One of my favourite flowers

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  1. Your grandson has the same colour hair as I did at his age, Cathy. I was often told that my hair was orange, rather than red or ginger. He looks to be having lots of fun with the face painting.

    And I can hear the wind in the video of the lifeboat. Our coastguard people do an amazing job.

    Thanks so much for joining in with this week’s Sunday Stills.

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    1. Having red hair doesn’t seem to be as much of a thing as it used to. I used to get asked if I’d been left out in the rain. My grandson’s hair has darkened off to a more auburn shade now.

      Yes, the wind is a feature here 😉

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  2. Beautiful shades of orange Cathy! 🧡 Wishing you all a lovely and peaceful rest of the evening too 🤗💖🐕 xxx


    1. I love red hair now, Terri but hated it when I was a youngster. And auburn is a beautiful colour which is my daughter’s colour and the colour my grandson’s hair is turing into.

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