#SundayStills ~ Insider Views #Inside #Photography

Sunday Stills this week is hosted by Hugh from Hugh’s Views & News, and the topic is Inside.

No prizes for guessing what the top picture is 😉 The one below was taken from inside the car due to lack of stopping places.

Another one taken from inside the car while we waited for over an hour for a dispute to be settled. Two coaches were traveling on a country road in opposite directions and, of course, queues of cars were behind both. The coaches had no chance of passing each other and neither would give in and back up into a nearby field. Eventually the police were called and after a while it was decided all the cars had to do the backing up! Such fun!

Oops! All gone!

Just checking all is ok in there…

Inside the ruins of Tintern Abbey

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  1. What a dispute to get caught up in, Cathy. Good job you were inside the car, and it wasn’t raining.

    I’m guessing that empty packet contained salt ‘n’ vinegar flavour crisps? If so, my favourite flavour.

    I haven’t been to Tintern Abbey for many years. I must go back and visit the town and abbey.

    Thanks so much for joining me for Sunday Stills this week. It’s been a blast over the last seven weeks.

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    1. It has 🙂 I’ve enjoyed it.
      Actually the empty packet was mini chocolate rice cakes! I’m a plain crisps only person, I’m afraid.
      I couldn’t believe those coach drivers! The one facing us was quite small compared to the other and could easily have driven into the field to let the cars behind him get past.

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      1. Mini chocolate rice cakes? I’ve not heard of those, Cathy. One for me to add to the shopping list this week.

        Sometimes in disputes, pride seems to come before common sense. Thank goodness their mothers weren’t there. They’d had knocked their heads together.

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  2. Beautiful insider views Cathy and sorry to hear about the coach drivers – a little bit of goodwill and kindness could have gone a long way. Hope you are having a peaceful Sunday and much love from our house to yours 🤗💖🐕 xxx

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  3. I love Tintern Abbey and your shot is beautiful Cathy! What a dreadful situation to be caught up in with the bus drivers, I’m not surprised. Sometimes I wonder how there aren’t more accidents on those narrow roads. Glad you were safe inside your car.

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  4. Hello Cathy.

    First photo was an enigma to me, but then got the idea. Collisions happens here also. Personally, we are afraid of busses and trucks, because they are driving to close us. Thank you for this post and its photos!

    Have a good day!


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