#BirdWeekly ~ Macro or Close ups #Birds #Nature #Photography #Wildlife

This week Lisa Coleman’s Bird Weekly Challenge is macro or close up shots.

The featured image needs no introduction. We spent a few days by a river which was full of bird life. Several swans made an appearance each day. Such beautiful, graceful birds.

One of the young blackbirds that were around during the summer.

A Great Grey Owl that I was able to get up close to. The eyes are mesmerising.

Same with this Raven

One of the many Blue Tits. They enjoyed the cherry blossom tree just outside the window. A perfect place to photograph them. He, or she, is looking rather well fed…

Sadly this gorgeous, fluffy little Robin didn’t survive 😢

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  1. These are great photos this week Cathy and welcome back! That owl!!! Holy crap! Owls are coming up in a couple of weeks so I hope you have more for that one. I’ve never gotten that close to an owl to even remotely crop a pic like that. Congrats! Sorry to hear about the Robin. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Lisa 🙂 Don’t have images to join in every week unfortunately, but will when I can. That owl was amazing … and huge! I do have more owl pics. So sad about the robin, I found it behind one of the pots 😦

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      1. We had a couple of birds die this summer in our neighborhood. First time to see a catbird in our yard and we found one dead in the street the next day. At least we are not in the western US where thousands of migratory birds have died. Such a devastating blow to many species with the climate shifting problem.


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