#SundayStills ~ Backyard Birds #Nature #Wildlife #photography #Birds

Welcome to the Sunday Stills feature created and hosted by Terri Webster Schrandt at Second Wind Leisure Perspectives.

The theme for Sunday Stills this week is backyard birds. I’ve tried not to double up on previous images but there may be one or two that you’ve seen before. 

This was the first year we had a visiting magpie. I’d never noticed the lovely blue colour in their wings. He was trying his best to dislodge, then land on the feeder but without success. 

He had a bit of a sulk then retired to the fence to think up a new strategy. He did manage to feed in the end.

A dunnock taking advantage of the sunshine…

and a juvenile doing the same

We were lucky enough to have several nesting birds in and around the garden, including blue tits and sparrows so there were lots 0f babies around.

Drying off after taking a bath

I couldn’t resist another shot of the upside down blue tit

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    1. Thanks, Terri 🙂 It’s strange, there have always been magpies around and about but for some reason they didn’t come into the garden. We were very lucky with babies this year.

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