#BirdWeekly ~ Birds with Brown Feathers #gardenbirds #Nature #Photography #Raptors

Lisa Coleman’s bird weekly challenge this week features birds with brown feathers. 

The header photo is the European robin which, according to Wikipedia, belongs to the chat subfamily of the Old World flycatcher family.

This tiny wren was collecting nesting material last spring.

A couple of dunnocks

The female eider duck has beautiful markings

A Harris Hawk. The raptor photos were taken during a Norfolk wildlife experience day.

A sunbathing female blackbird and a juvenile

A juvenile kestrel

And a beautiful tawny owl

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  1. Beautiful images Cathy, the colours on the Harris hawk are amazing! 💛 Hope the weather has calmed down where you are and wishing you and yours a wonderful weekend 🤗💖 xxx

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  2. Absolutely wonderful “brown” birds this week! You sure make a dull color from the color palette come alive. The Harris Hawk is one of the most easily trained hawks and are a favorite of Falconers. I just watched a documentary on BBC last night showing how the Eider Ducks nest among the Arctic Terns and how the terns protect them from predators like the Polar Bear. I’d love to see that duck! 🙂

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