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#WordlessWednesday ~ A garden visitor #Birds #Robin #Nature #Photography

Birds · Nature · Photography · Wildlife

Entertained by Blackbirds #Nature #Birds #Photography #Blackbird

I’ve been watching the male blackbird run around feeding two juveniles that almost look bigger than he does. It’s left to the male to feed the young while the female sees to the preparation for the next possible brood.

I’ve only seen two together so I’m not sure how many young there are. They keep venturing out of the bushes then dashing back under cover.

Although they are able to feed themselves, they’re always ready with beaks open

Does this seem like a ‘give me a break, kids’ kind of look

Come on then, where’s the food…

Maybe I’ll have a root around myself then

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Bird Weekly PhotoChallenge ~ Waders #Birds #Nature #Wildlife

Week 3 of Lisa Coleman’s bird weekly challenge is waders ~ any bird that forages for insects, molluscs and crustaceans in the shallows of practically any body of water.

Oyster catchers are quite common on the beaches and estuaries.

The redshank and lapwing were photographed at the RSPB nature reserve at Conwy

The heron had his eye on something but didn’t go for it, not while I was watching anyway.

The little egrets were also photographed at Conwy nature reserve.

Birds · Nature · Photography · Wordless Wednesday

#WordlessWednesday ~ Feeding Time #Birds #Nature #Photography

Birds · Nature · Photo Challenge · Photography

Bird Weekly ~ Photo Challenge ~ SongBirds #Nature #Birds #Photography

I’m joining a new photo challenge all about birds with Lisa Coleman at Our Eyes Open. This week it’s song birds.

This starling was happily singing away as we sat at outside a cafe in Northumberland having morning coffee and still hadn’t stopped when we left…

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#SundayStills #Plantlife ~ Our Little Patch #Nature #Photography #Garden

Welcome to the Sunday Stills feature created and hosted by Terri Webster Schrandt 

This week’s theme is plant life. I’m so grateful, especially now, to have some outdoor space. It’s not large by any stretch of the imagination but it’s a nice place to sit out when the weather allows. At the moment, as is often the case in Wales, it’s raining and very windy. 

Nevertheless, the plants, most of them anyway, seem to be thriving. The hydrangeas are coming into flower

The birds enjoy foraging for tasty treats in the hebe bushes

Quite a few small flowers are making an appearance

These pictures are the before and after ~ the new shoots on the Red Robin shrub

The magnolia flowers are well gone but they were lovely while they lasted

And just for fun, this goldfinch was determined not to give up his perch at the top of the tree despite being buffeted by the wind.

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Life in the Garden #GardenBirds #Dunnock #Robin #BlueTit #Nature #Photography #Wildlife

We’re still under fairly strict restrictions here so I’ve been enjoying watching the garden birds.

I think the dunnock and robin are juveniles? They look very fluffy. This little one is having a stretch before settling down for a sunbathe.

A baby blue tit having a peek at the outside world.

The adults are keeping up their energy levels with plenty of seeds and nuts.

Lots of tasty insecty type treats to be found in the shrubs and plants

Birds · Goldfinch · Nature · Photography · Wildlife

Goldfinches in the Sunshine #GardenBirds #Nature #Photography

There are lots of goldfinches about this year and they seem to like spending time at the very top of the conifer tree in the garden of a house at the back of ours.

Am I getting the what are you doing look…

Goldfinch in a tree

Can you just make out the little insect that might be meeting its end very soon