Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge CB&W #Photography #Birds

It’s a while since I joined in a challenge, but now I’ve taken the plunge and set up a dedicated photography site I’m hoping to join in lots more challenges.

Cee’s topic this week is birds, so here we go…a lone goose on a lake, a turnstone by the harbour and a gull on a chimney pot.

A pair of swans with their little brood and not that you can really tell in black and white but the pigeon and blackbird are sunbathing.

Back Garden Birds

After months of storms it was lovely to watch the birds enjoying some long awaited sunshine, especially as we’re confined to quarters at the moment.

The blue tits are nesting in the bird house and enjoying the cherry blossom.

Maybe the robins are nesting nearby too, although I haven’t seen any evidence of it, except that they’re around a lot, which is lovely.

I’ve haven’t noticed these little dunnocks before, they flit about so quickly it took patience and a hefty dose of luck to capture them standing still.