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Welcome to the Sunday Stills feature created and hosted by Terri Webster Schrandt 

This week’s theme is plant life. I’m so grateful, especially now, to have some outdoor space. It’s not large by any stretch of the imagination but it’s a nice place to sit out when the weather allows. At the moment, as is often the case in Wales, it’s raining and very windy. 

Nevertheless, the plants, most of them anyway, seem to be thriving. The hydrangeas are coming into flower

The birds enjoy foraging for tasty treats in the hebe bushes

Quite a few small flowers are making an appearance

These pictures are the before and after ~ the new shoots on the Red Robin shrub

The magnolia flowers are well gone but they were lovely while they lasted

And just for fun, this goldfinch was determined not to give up his perch at the top of the tree despite being buffeted by the wind.

Birds · Goldfinch · Nature · Photography · Wildlife

Goldfinches in the Sunshine #GardenBirds #Nature #Photography

There are lots of goldfinches about this year and they seem to like spending time at the very top of the conifer tree in the garden of a house at the back of ours.

Am I getting the what are you doing look…

Goldfinch in a tree

Can you just make out the little insect that might be meeting its end very soon

Birds · Blue Tit · Goldfinch · Nature · Photography · Raven · Robin · Wildlife

Breakfast with the birds…and then a Raven came to call (edited)… #Birds #Nature #Wildlife #Photography

Blue Tit on he feeder eating nuts
Robin on the seed feeder
Goldfinch eating seed
Raven on the roof in the sunshine

Edited to add…I now believe it’s a young crow not a raven 😒