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The Bishop’s Palace Gardens #Historical #Cathedral #Gardens #Medieval

The Bishop’s Palace and Gardens sits adjacent to the Wells Cathedral in Somerset. It’s been the home of the Bishops of Bath and Wells for 800 years. It’s now looked after by English heritage and is designated a Grade 1 listed building. It’s been a while since we moved but we visited Wells quite a lot when we lived in Somerset. The gardens are beautiful and the Cathedral very impressive.

Stone archway leading to gardens

This archway leads into the gardens, past a statue of the Pilgrim.

Historical · Nature · Photography

Beeston Castle

Imagine this hilltop about 1000BC. No castle of course, but the hilltop was occupied and fortified.

The hike up to the castle looked a very dauting prospect from here. Luckily we could get part of the way by car.

It was a lovely day and not too warm, so off we went…