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The Robin ~ The Nation’s Favourite Little Bird ~ #Nature #Robin #Photography #GardenBirds

What is it about our national bird, the robin, that captures the imagination? It has a friendly human name, although the original name was just redbreast or Ruddock. It’s become a symbol of Christmas and we love to see them in the garden.

The robin has many connections to folklore and has ecclesiastical links dating back to the 6th century AD. One explanation for the red breast originated with the idea that a bird tried to pull thorns out of the crown of thorns during the Passion of Christ. In reality it’s a warning…stay out of my territory. More on next page

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#FF #18 #FOTD Azalea ~ Floral Friday + Flower of the Day #Azalea #Nature #Photography

Posted for Bren’s Floral Friday and Cee’s Flower of the Day. The azalea buds are just beginning to open.

Hot pink azalea flower
Cee's FOTD Challenge · Flower · Nature · Photo Challenge · Photography

#FOTD Flower of the Day 14th May ~ I Haven’t a Clue #Photography #Flower #Nature

This is another plant/shrub that must have been in the garden before we moved in. I have no idea what it is, so any suggestions would be very welcome.

To see Cee’s flower of the day, please click here.

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#FOTD Flower of the Day ~ Rose #Flower #Nature #Photography

My choice for Cee’s Flower of the Day challenge is a rose. I’ve no idea what kind of rose it is. It appeared a couple of years ago growing up through another shrub. The flower is so gorgeous we decided to let the plant do its own thing. Check out Cee’s choice here.

Yellow rose with orange/red leaf edges
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This Morning’s Walk #Nature #Horses #Donkeys #Flowers #Photography

I decided on the circular route this morning, taking us down the path away from the coast

The hawthorn hedges were a picture, full of buds and flowers

The path leads us onto a quiet back road, up a hill and past a paddock with horses