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#BirdWeekly Challenge ~ Birds at the Feeder #Nature #Birds #Photography

Week 8 of Lisa Coleman’s bird weekly challenge features birds at the feeders. 

It was lovely to see this greenfinch. I hadn’t seen one for ages.

A couple of years ago I tried bringing the robins closer to the house with seed in a bowl on the patio table. It worked a treat with two arriving at once. It looked like they were sizing each other up initially but behaved very well and shared nicely.

A male house sparrow. Sparrows seemed to disappear for a while but they’re back in force this year.

Well, this was unusual. We’ve never had magpies on the feeders. At least there was two of them…

Lovely to see juvenile blue tits…

and of course, the adults

And last but not least, goldfinches

Bird Weekly · Birds · Nature · Photography

#BirdWeekly ~ Photo Challenge ~ Black & White #Photography #Birds #Nature

Week 7 of Lisa Coleman’s Bird Weekly challenge is for any bird in black and white or sepia

This was taken a while ago when it was warm enough fro the female blackbird to do a spot of sunbathing.

I’d never seen a turnstone before I spied this little fellow

The raven was quite happy to pose for the camera

Not sure what the blackbird was hiding from…

This moorhen was enjoying a solitary swim without the brood.

Keeping a watchful eye on the cygnets

And two youngsters to finish off with, a robin and a dunnock.

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#BirdWeekly ~ Photo Challenge ~ Ducks and Geese #nature #wildlife #photography

Lisa Coleman’s Bird Weekly challenge this week is all about ducks and geese.

The Canada geese were photographed at Conwy nature reserve

as was the Shelduck. There are large numbers at the reserve between January and May, then they relocate further along the valley to nest.

I hadn’t seen eider ducks before but on a visit to Amble in Northumberland there were lots of them in the harbour. The first is the male, the second the female. They are seaducks, nesting around the northern English and Scottish coasts.

This little duck family were enjoying life on the river Avon

Bird Weekly · Birds · Nature · Photo Challenge · Photography · Wildlife

Bird Weekly PhotoChallenge ~ Waders #Birds #Nature #Wildlife

Week 3 of Lisa Coleman’s bird weekly challenge is waders ~ any bird that forages for insects, molluscs and crustaceans in the shallows of practically any body of water.

Oyster catchers are quite common on the beaches and estuaries.

The redshank and lapwing were photographed at the RSPB nature reserve at Conwy

The heron had his eye on something but didn’t go for it, not while I was watching anyway.

The little egrets were also photographed at Conwy nature reserve.

Bird Weekly · Blue Tit · Nature · Photo Challenge · Photography

Bird weekly ~ Photo Challenge ~ Birds with Yellow Feathers #Nature #Birds #Photography

For week 2 of Lisa Coleman’s Bird Weekly challenge I’m featuring the blue tit. The most common garden visitor here with yellow feathers. All but this first photo were taken in my garden.

We had a nesting pair again this year and they successfully raised their brood.

Hunting for tasty treats, maybe

No sooner in than he’s off again

No wonder he’s looking a bit harassed