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#FOTD ~ Flower of the Day #Nature #Photography #Floral

My choice for June 2nd is another flower that was already in situ, but I do know what it is (with the help of Google) Erigeron ‘Sea Breeze’, great for attracting pollinators.

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#SundayStills ~ #Straight Lines Created by Man and #Nature #Bird #Ocean #Photography #Church #Scenery

Welcome to the Sunday Stills feature created and hosted by Terri Webster Schrandt 

The theme for Sunday Stills this week is ‘straight’. The first thing that came to mind was the horizon and, although we know it’s not actually straight, it looks that way to us.

Pebbles on the beach

 The church steeple seeming to reach up to the sky.


The angle of the sun is casting shadows in straight lines across this wooden walkway.

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Goldfinches in the Sunshine #GardenBirds #Nature #Photography

There are lots of goldfinches about this year and they seem to like spending time at the very top of the conifer tree in the garden of a house at the back of ours.

Am I getting the what are you doing look…

Goldfinch in a tree

Can you just make out the little insect that might be meeting its end very soon

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#FOTD Flower of the Day #FF20 Floral Friday ~ #Wildflower #Nature #Photography #Pretty

Posted for Bren’s Floral Friday and Cee’s Flower of the Day (May 29th) I noticed this pretty wildflower in the hedgerow on my walk this morning. 

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#FOTD #Flower of the Day ~ Clematis #Nature #Photography #Springflowers

For Cee’s flower of the day challenge today (26th May) I’ve chosen the first two clematis flowers of the year.

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Clematis flowers, macro image.
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The Robin ~ The Nation’s Favourite Little Bird ~ #Nature #Robin #Photography #GardenBirds

What is it about our national bird, the robin, that captures the imagination? It has a friendly human name, although the original name was just redbreast or Ruddock. It’s become a symbol of Christmas and we love to see them in the garden.

The robin has many connections to folklore and has ecclesiastical links dating back to the 6th century AD. One explanation for the red breast originated with the idea that a bird tried to pull thorns out of the crown of thorns during the Passion of Christ. In reality it’s a warning…stay out of my territory. More on next page

Cee's FOTD Challenge · Floral Friday · Flower · Nature · Photo Challenge · Photography

#FF #18 #FOTD Azalea ~ Floral Friday + Flower of the Day #Azalea #Nature #Photography

Posted for Bren’s Floral Friday and Cee’s Flower of the Day. The azalea buds are just beginning to open.

Hot pink azalea flower