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#SundayStills ~ The Amazing #Sky #Nature #Photography

Welcome to the Sunday Stills feature created and hosted by Terri Webster Schrandt at Second Wind Leisure Perspectives

This week’s theme is SKY. It’s incredible how the sky changes, sometimes from one minute to the next.

This was an unusual cloud formation that I hadn’t seen before, reminding me of ripples in the sand as the tide recedes.

Colourful clouds followed by an angry looking sky

I love the clouds here. We were driving along a country lane and I had to stop and take a photo. Luckily there was a handy lay-by. 

This is a fairly familiar sight in the skies above and around us.

Everyone’s eyes were turned skyward for this display by the Red Arrows

The rainclouds had blown over to give us this pretty rainbow.

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#FOTD Flower of the Day ~ Sunflowers #Nature #Flowers #Photography

Back in January my daughter bought me a sunflower seed kit and now I’m reaping the rewards. They’re brightening up the dreary weather we’re having at the moment.

So this is my choice for Cee’s flower of the day (10th July)

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#WordlessWednesday ~ A garden visitor #Birds #Robin #Nature #Photography


The Holy Well and Chapel of St Trillo #Photography #Chapel

I’m in the process of transferring photos over to this site and as I was sorting through I came across these. This lovely, incredibly tiny chapel would originally have been more open to the elements, now the foreshore location is protected by a sea wall and promenade. It’s reputed to be the smallest in the UK, seating just six people comfortably. The original ‘cell’ is believed to have been founded here by St Trillo, previously a monk on Bardsey Island, in the 6th century AD. Opinions differ regarding the age of the present building, which has been restored several times over the years. 

Communion services are held in the chapel and I believe weddings are performed on occasion, although there would hardly be room for guests! The altar is built over a natural spring and the well can be seen just below. Water from the well, which is dedicated to St Trillo and St Elidan, has been, and possibly still is, used in local baptisms. Each saint has a stained glass window in the chapel, St Trillo’s over the altar, which you can’t see because of the sunshine, and St Elidan’s to the left.

The chapel is close to the point where the monks fished, as depicted by the wicker fisherman sculpture just along the promenade.

Cee's FOTD Challenge · Flower · FOTD · Nature · Photography

#FOTD Flower of the Day ~ Musk Mallow #WildFlower #Nature #Photography

As we weren’t able to buy bedding plants this year I ordered some wildflower plugs online. The mallow was one variety and is my choice for Cee’s flower of the day challenge (5th July)

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#BirdWeekly ~ Photo Challenge ~ Ducks and Geese #nature #wildlife #photography

Lisa Coleman’s Bird Weekly challenge this week is all about ducks and geese.

The Canada geese were photographed at Conwy nature reserve

as was the Shelduck. There are large numbers at the reserve between January and May, then they relocate further along the valley to nest.

I hadn’t seen eider ducks before but on a visit to Amble in Northumberland there were lots of them in the harbour. The first is the male, the second the female. They are seaducks, nesting around the northern English and Scottish coasts.

This little duck family were enjoying life on the river Avon

Cee's FOTD Challenge · Flower · FOTD · Nature · Photography

#FOTD Flower of the Day ~ Geranium #Nature #Photography #Flowers

I’ve chosen geranium for Cee’s flower of the day challenge (3rd July) They’re very productive plants and great value.  

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Entertained by Blackbirds #Nature #Birds #Photography #Blackbird

I’ve been watching the male blackbird run around feeding two juveniles that almost look bigger than he does. It’s left to the male to feed the young while the female sees to the preparation for the next possible brood.

I’ve only seen two together so I’m not sure how many young there are. They keep venturing out of the bushes then dashing back under cover.

Although they are able to feed themselves, they’re always ready with beaks open

Does this seem like a ‘give me a break, kids’ kind of look

Come on then, where’s the food…

Maybe I’ll have a root around myself then